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Bridal Makeup

The most popular are so-called “cream to powder” foundations. Although they are liquid when applied, they get a powdery consistency after drying. Like liquid foundations, these products are particularly suitable for women with normal or drier skin. However, if you tend to oily skin, you should choose a powder foundation. This mattifies the skin and thus slightly reduces the fat content.

In the case of combination skin, the forehead and nose area are slightly greasier, but the rest of the facial skin is rather dry. Therefore, it is recommended for this skin type to combine the different types of foundation with each other – apply the liquid foundation on the face, but save the forehead and nose area. You can then apply make-up with the powder foundation.

A flawless complexion – which woman doesn’t want it? How good that makeup can work wonders. But be careful: if you put on your make-up every day, your skin may not be doing a favor. Make-up clogs the pores and causes the skin to age faster – a myth? Or is there really something in Grandma’s fairy tale? Yes and no Almost every commercially available make-up product, regardless of the price range, consists for the most part of silicones and mineral oils. And these pollutants not only clog the pores, but can even damage the skin in the long term. As always, it depends on the dose. Those who use make-up on a daily basis “temporarily” beautify the skin, but it suffers in the long run. STYLEBOOK reveals why we should occasionally do without full-face make-up.

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