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Ceramic Art

Each potter realizes how to make mud mugs. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about making your own artistic travel mug? Most potters I know simply snatch a customary mug (handcrafted, obviously) and repurpose it for movement. Be that as it may, that can be somewhat chaotic – no tops! In the event that you are burnt out on spilling espresso in your vehicle, or feel awful about utilizing plastic or dispensable travel cups, read on…

There are some significant contemplations you should take when making an earthenware travel mug so it really ventures and capacities well. For example, it must have a cover so it doesn’t spill, and it must fit into vehicle cup holders. Fortunate for us, Sumi von Dassow did the examination and in the present post, a portion from the Pottery Making Illustrated chronicles, Sumi shares how to make one of the key segments of a movement mug: the cover. I am so eager to check out this!

Including a Locking Feature

Cut two scores from the exhibition of the cup edge, precisely inverse one another (1). Next, flip around the top, and, utilizing enchantment water or slip, append two little chunks of dirt to the base of the cover, precisely inverse one another (2). Smooth the balls on and shape them into focuses. Test fit the top on the mug. You need the additional balls on the cover to fit precisely into the scores on the display, at that point you should have the option to turn the top so the balls slide under the exhibition and hold the top on in the event that you attempt to lift it. Alter the shape and position of the balls on the top until the cover turns effectively and there isn’t a lot of play when it’s in the bolted position.

The last advance is to cut an indent from the edge of the cover, precisely between the mud balls (3). At the point when the top is on, it tends to be gone 90° to arrange the indent in the edge with one of the scores in the display, permitting you to drink from the opening. At the point when the top is turned under 90°, it’s bolted on yet the opening is secured, decreasing sprinkling as you travel with your full mug. The cover is sufficiently recessed to shield your nose from knocking when you drink.

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