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Terracotta pots are real classics. They often spend decades in our gardens and become more and more beautiful as they age – if they start to take on patina. But the fired clay is by nature a very brittle material and sometimes you can be so careful – it happens: you bump into it while gardening with a lawnmower, a gust of wind knocks it over or waterlogging freezes inside. However, this does not necessarily mean the end of the beloved terracotta pot. Because cracks and broken parts can be glued easily and the flower pot can be repaired in this way.

How to fix terracotta with glue?

The best way to repair terracotta pots is to use waterproof two-component adhesive. This not only glues the individual fragments together, but also fills up smaller gaps or gaps. This is particularly helpful for repairs if the sections have no smooth edges.

Repair material:

fine brush

Two-component adhesive

duct tape

sharp knife

waterproof varnish if necessary

Remove any dust or cracks with a brush.

If there is only a fragment of it, try to put it dry with the empty terracotta pot, as the adhesive has a short processing time.

Then apply adhesive on both sides, insert and fix firmly with adhesive tape. The same applies to cracks.

If there are several sections, also put them together dry. Stick an adhesive tape on one side tightly over the assembled terracotta fragments so that they no longer slip. Remove from the pot. Now the tape with the individual pieces attached to it can be opened like a book. Apply two-component adhesive to the broken edges on both sides and fold them back together. Fix tight with a second piece of adhesive tape.

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