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Crochet Teddy Bears

Wide Sleeve Sweater

With flared sleeves and a high low hemline, this sweater will truly stick out. It additionally has a polished shading square example that you will adore. In case you’re feeling challenging and need to take a stab at something new, think about the Wide Sleeve Sweater.

Farrow Sweater Crochet

The Farrow sweater is fundamentally a larger than average trimmed sweater. It’s a blend of single sew and twofold knit lines to give it that additional surface! It’s the ideal venture to make while you marathon watch your most loved Netflix extraordinary!

Julia Peplum Crochet Sweater

The Julia Peplum Sweater is the ideal lightweight sew sweater to change between seasons. This is a simple sweater is worked in the round starting from the neck. The stitch design includes a light, female peplum and has long sleeves with moved rib sleeves.

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