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Formal Hairstyles

May we present: The hairstyle trends for 2020. In the new year our heads are wild. We say goodbye to the sleek look and bring back the undone styles. Bye to shiny, straight hair! Hello to the Messy mane!

To find out which trends will come, we turned to T3 expert and hairstylist Laura Polko. She styles stars like Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Chrissy Teigen for glamorous red carpet events and knows exactly what will be popular next year. We met the super talented stylist for an interview and asked what trends we can look forward to. She told us: “People are more open than ever and frankly I have the feeling that everyone wants something different. Five years ago, for example, I never had extensions, fake bobs or hair accessories with me – today I have them in all colors and shapes in my suitcase. The motto is: the main thing is individual. “

Trend hairstyles: cuts and hair styling
Less is more! In 2020 everything will be simpler, simpler and easier to maintain. Especially shoulder-length hair and smooth cuts come back because they are simply easier to care for in stressful everyday life. We see more and more simple hairstyles like ponytails or loose, loose hair on the beauty girls. A hairstyle trend that we very much welcome, because let’s be honest: who has time every day for a complex updo?

Undone look and wild natural curls
“I think very styled and rather unnatural looks, like super straightened hair and extremely high ponytails are becoming less and less. Instead, the undone style is coming back and the own structure of the hair is emphasized. Waves, curls and natural textures, for example, are more in again Come, “says hair expert Laura Polko. So in 2020 we can wear our hair a bit wilder and more natural. And those who have natural curls should return to naturalness this year. Wild curls are back in! So girls, stand by your great curls. You can find a little inspo at Curly-Queen Leni

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