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Gardening For Beginners

Everyone has the dream of a beautiful, lush green garden. But in reality, this dream often fails due to lack of time and insufficient resources. And maybe your thumb wasn’t quite as green as you thought.

Here are eight tips for new gardeners to help you succeed:

What should your garden be? A playground for children, a kitchen garden or a sea of ​​flowers?

It is difficult to get all your wishes under one roof. So you should limit yourself, at least in the beginning. It will take some time before you have created your personal Garden of Eden. Think about which functions you would like to have in your garden

Start slowly …

If you are a new owner of a house or apartment with a garden, you should take it easy in the first season. The previous owner’s garden dreams could be hidden under the black earth. Many plants are perennials and will bloom year after year. Other areas may need to be dug up and revived.

How much can you do alone?

This is about balancing time, knowledge and money. For many gardeners, the charm is to do everything with their own hands. Others hire experts: garden architects or landscape gardeners. But you will rarely be really alone. You can always ask your neighbors for help.

In which climatic conditions do you live?

There can be many different climates in a single country. At the beginning you can ask for advice in your local garden center or nursery. Everything you need to know about vegetation, climate and soil is known there. Buying plants randomly without first checking the conditions can be an expensive pleasure.

Height, time and color

There are three simple things to consider when planting a flower bed: height, time and color. Make sure to choose varieties whose flowering time overlaps. So you can extend the season. Combine colors that match each other. Make sure large plants don’t cover smaller ones.

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