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Gardening Ideas

Garden idea: the fire bowl

Marshmallows, stick bread and good drinks – that sounds like a perfect evening. You don’t have to go to the mountains or the country to enjoy it. With the help of elegant XXL fire bowls made of iron or steel, you can create a special atmosphere in your own garden and roast treats yourself. The fireplace forms the center of the action. Comfortable seating is created around it. Spark protection provides sufficient security so that you can fully enjoy the moment.

Garden classic: the raised bed

Many garden owners want to use not only the beauty of the outdoor area, but also its practical potential. They don’t want to miss the chance to grow and harvest in their own garden. Raised beds help to grow vegetables and herbs in a way that is gentle on the back, but ornamental plants can also be accommodated in the raised bed. The working height is super practical and also keeps bugs away from the yield. Raised beds are available in a wide variety of variants – made of wood, the beds can be most naturally integrated into the environment. They are suitable for small gardens as well as for large green areas.

New garden ideas: individual flower towers

The leaves of the trees change color in autumn. Different shades of orange and red appear. Heather and ornamental grasses also change color and get us in the mood for the colder seasons. A new garden idea looks particularly good in autumn: flower towers. These artistic piles of flowers bring that certain something extra to our garden. In colorful flower pots you can add color accents with flower towers.

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