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Natural Makeup

In spring, the desire for make-up sprouts like the flowers on the trees – you want to get ready again, show your colors and try out new looks. Of course, this works best if the make-up has nourishing properties that support the skin with nutrients. Sounds interesting? Then you should definitely try the eyeliner with integrated eyelash serum from the German beauty label Apricot – because it nourishes, ensures stylish make-up and long eyelashes.

2-in-1: This eyeliner also cares for the eyelashes

Normally, an eyeliner only has the task of emphasizing the eyes with the black eyeliner and compensating for possible holes in the lash line – but the Black Lash Growth Eyeliner from Apricot goes one step further: Enriched with an eyelash serum, it not only has aesthetic properties, but also crank the growth effectively and supports the length of the eyelashes. Of course, you should apply the eyeliner as regularly as possible and you can expect the first results after eight weeks. A big plus: the fine tip allows you to draw a completely natural eyeliner that emphasizes the effect of the eyes, but does not make us look over-made.

How to apply the 2-in-1 eyeliner correctly:

Before using the eyeliner, you should clean your eye of residues – this is the only way for the serum to penetrate the skin effectively and stimulate eyelash growth. Now you can pull a normal eyeliner that is as close as possible to the lash line. Of course, the look can be rounded off as usual with mascara or eyeshadow to emphasize the eyes even more and a foundation for the facial skin is also no problem. During the growth phase, you should only make sure to use the eyeliner regularly so that the eyelashes are cared for in the long term by the serum.

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