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Who doesn’t dream of a seductive look with long, voluminous and deep black eyelashes? The catch is: the effect of mascara is sometimes not enough for a VaVa-Voom look and treatments by professionals, such as eyelash waves, lash-lifting and the like, are a regular investment that in the long run leaves a small hole in your wallet can tear.

Fake lashes are often the best tool. Admittedly, it is a literal art to apply eyelashes quickly and beautifully. That is why more and more brands have launched magnetic fake lashes in the past, which should be attached to real eyelashes with just one click. In truth, this method never really worked. The Ardell company has now launched a further development: a set of magnetic eyeliner plus lashes. But does this combination work better now? We tested it for you.

Magnetic eyeliner + false eyelashes: This is how it works in theory

The innovation actually works completely without eyelash glue. First, the eyelash band must be adjusted as usual and shortened if necessary. Then you should pull a classic eyeliner on the upper lash line using the gel liner and brush supplied. In the last step, you just have to hold the eyelashes on the eyeliner and the fake lashes should “click” on him. Important here: The eyeliner should dry, but still be a little damp. To remove the eyelashes, gently pull them off and carefully remove the residues from the tape. The eyelashes can be used several times.

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