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Eye make-up: which eye shadow colors go with brown eyes?

In contrast to other eye colors, brown is a rather inconspicuous tone that does not come to the fore. That is why it is particularly easy to work with colored eye shadows and to support the eyes with dark shades. Cool colors are best suited, such as turquoise, khaki or gray. Soft pink and white tones, on the other hand, set too strong a contrast, which is why they do not fit so well with this eye color and even shades of red quickly make you look tired.

A little tip: With dark eye make-up you should keep the focus on this part of the face and subtly apply your lips – everything else would be overloaded and unnatural.

Eyeshadow: With these three tones you can really bring out brown eyes

1. Brown

Soft earth tones are particularly suitable for everyday use, which emphasize the eye but are not in the foreground. With this eye color, light brown eyeshadows, which are enriched with glitter particles and make you appear more alert, are the best fit. These tones are also welcome to go slightly gold and emphasize the light nuances of the brown eyes.

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